Friday, November 23, 2012

Travel Summary 28 September - 8 October 2012

The main purpose of this traveling was to attend a friend's wedding in Paris suburb.
Getting the Schengen visa just 2 weeks before the departure from French Embassy in Tokyo, I had only short time to do traveling preparation.
I bought the cheapest flight from KLM-Air France for 120,000 yen, with the direct flight to Paris from Narita, but the return was via Amsterdam.

Arrived early morning in Paris, after easy immigration entry (the officer didn't even check my visa!), I took the train to Eiffel Tower.
I booked the earliest train to Mont Sant-Michel, so I visited Eiffel Tower just to kill time.
It was still dark when I arrived under the Tower, then I waited till light.
Morning Paris was beautiful and quiet. And the view from under the bridge accross the Tower was nice.
Satisfied with photoing the Tower, I walked to Montparnasse Station, where the train to Mont Sant-Michel depart.

Since I wanted to see the night view, and the tide, I decided to stay one night there in a cheap hotel (about EUR 55).
Though the view was indeed beautiful, somehow I didn't feel moved.

The next morning, met with friends and attended the party.
Was happy being able to meet old friends, and was fun being able to present Jai Ho dance in the wedding.
They accommodated me in a luxury castle hotel. The wedding itself was in a chateu.

The next day, with TGV, I went to Geneva, my first entry to Swiss.
And the next day to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in France.
The trekking here was the best moment I had during this trip, beside the wedding.
A bit afraid of getting lost... but the view of Dru peak was spectacular.

The rest one week of the traveling, I walked a lot, doing hiking in Zermatt (famous for Matterhorn, the famous peak in Swiss), Berner Oberland (famous for the Jungfraujoch), and Bernina.
I also visited main cities like Bern, Luzern, and stayed in Zurich for 2 nights (couchsurfed with M).
I also visited one of the smallest country in the world, Liechtenstein, with my host M.

Here are my best 5 experiences in this traveling:
1. Yukari's wedding, French style wedding experience.
2. Trekking from Plan de l'Alguille - le Montenvers, the spectacular Peak Dru.
3. Spending time with Mauro my couchsurf host in Zurich.
4. Trekking the snow world, Jungfraujoch - Monchsjochhutte.
5. Riding the UNESCO World Heritage Bernina Express crossing Swiss-Italy border.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dawn in Paris

This was my third time to Paris. Arrived at 4 o'clock in the morning from Japan.
I decided to go to Eiffel Tower from the airport.
The city was still dark, so I waited near the tower until it became lighter to take photos.
At about 7, I walked to Monparnasse station to take my train to Mont Saint-Michel.

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel was one of the place on earth I really wanted to go, and was happy having a chance to visit this time.
Because I wanted to see the tide and the night light-up, I decided to stay one night there instead of doing day trip from Paris.
The site was under construction, planned till 2015, to make the island keep being an island, because it became closer and closer to the continent by time naturally.

Omelet, famous in Mont Saint-Michel, but I didn't like it

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Friend's Wedding (France)

My main purpose in this trip was to attend my friend's wedding in a Chateau near Paris.
My Japanese friend Miss Y, married my previous French colleague.
I was accommodated in a very pretty hotel.
Was a nice party.
Was happy also being able to present the Jai Ho mob :)

Jai Ho mob


Geneva was my first entry to Swiss.
By TGV, it took 3 hours from Paris.
It is a beautiful city, near lake, with the famous 200m high fountain.
Stayed here only one night, in the youth hostel, then walked to the old city part.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Chamonix is a city in France, famous tourist place for its proximity to the famous Mon Blanc of the Alps.
It is a pretty little city located only 2 hours from Geneve (Swiss).
It was quiet during my visit due to off season from September mid.